10 Self-Care Habits that Help Me Feel My Best

Self-care isn’t always candles and bubble baths but also—sometimes it is! I’m a true believer in taking the time to nurture your mental, physical and emotional health which is why I have made self-care a top priority. So, these are the habits that make me feel my best:⁣

1. No phone for an hour after waking up and before bed (I’m terrible at the waking up one but working on it)!

2. Take a hot bath (with lots of candles and bubbles of course)! I think we’ve established by now I’m very much a bath person, it’s my favorite way to wind down before I get in bed.⁣

3. Meditation—treat my brain like the other muscles in my body. Train it and also give it rest.⁣ You can read all about why I love TM in this blog post.

4. Reading and more reading! It’s good for the mind, good for my nervous system, and better for my eyes than Netflix.⁣

5. Try new recipes. For me, cooking is one of the most cathartic things to do. ⁣

6. Exercise—the benefits of moving your body are endless. Not only does it lower stress levels, improve overall mood, and enhance your quality of life, but it always makes me feel better. I’ve never regretted a single workout that I’ve done!

7. Drink all the water! Staying hydrated and making sure I drink enough water throughout the day is always a goal of mine because I feel so much better when I do.

8. Take a break from social media. If you’re on social media all the time and you’re watching everyone else’s life—and we all do sometimes—try moving the app to a different location on your phone and set a limit. If you’re feeling anxiety or burnout and you’re mindlessly opening social media and checking out—try taking a break from it altogether. Your mind and body will thank you!

9. Journal—I’ve incorporated journaling into my morning routine because it’s a great way to be mindful and set intentions. Whether it’s a brain dump, practicing gratitude, or just writing down your thoughts, being able to get it all down on paper can help you express yourself in a positive way.

10. When all else fails (or before then!), get outside. In fact, take micro-breaks outside throughout the day—a daily dose of sunshine will never steer you wrong! ⁣

There are so many I could add to the list but these are some of my favorites! What would you add?