10 Things Confident Women Do Differently

Confidence is something we all want because it makes us feel unstoppable. It’s a powerful feeling that helps us overcome even the most challenging situations. Of course, there are times when we feel more confident than others, and being our most confident selves is certainly a journey. I get the opportunity to interview highly successful and confident women on my podcast all the time, and I’ve taken note! Not only do they inspire me to be my most confident self, but they make me want to be an overall better person. So, here are ten things I’ve noticed they do differently than other women.

1. They give and receive compliments gracefully.

2. They’re willing to learn from others. They don’t seek validation, they aren’t know-it-alls, and they aren’t people pleasers.

3. They take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions. They don’t make excuses or blame others or their circumstances.

4. They’re self-disciplined and operate on principles. They’re willing to sacrifice what feels good in the moment for long-term results.

5. They have an abundance mindset and are givers. They aren’t takers and don’t have a scarcity mindset.

6. They accept others’ differences. They aren’t judgmental and they never talk negatively about other people.

7. They can laugh at themselves and never take themselves too seriously. They also don’t worry what other people think of them.

8. They continue to learn and grow and accept the fact that they aren’t perfect. They aren’t stuck in their ways or continue bad habits.

9. They’re positive thinkers and are mindful of their own self-talk. They don’t talk badly about themselves or obsess about their flaws.

10. They don’t compromise their self-care. They know they’re a better boss, mother, wife, sister, coworker and friend when they take care of their physical and mental health.

What are some characteristics of the most confident women in your life?