10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

The end of February means another roundup of lessons from The Blonde Files Podcast! This month, we talked about all things beauty from the inside out, overcoming food fear and breaking the diet cycle, how health and wellness can look different for everyone, diet trends and how to curb cravings. If you missed January’s episodes and roundup of lessons, definitely go check them out here. Thanks for tuning in every Wednesday!


-The bottom line when it comes to eating and finding the right foods and the right approach for you is that *you* have to do the work, go through trial and error and experience what works and what doesn’t. We’re all different and our dietary needs and constantly fluctuating. What works for you right now might not work for you next month, so it’s important to tune into your body to give it what it needs right now in the present moment.

-Intuitive eating comes down to being mindful – and being mindful is to be aware, and to be aware is to be present. To cultivate awareness and presence around your meals, try turning off all devices and focus on chewing your food!

-Do things from a place of self-love and self-acceptance. How you look will always be changing, so be motivated by feeling your best vs. physical goals. If your condition for accepting and loving yourself is solely based on how you look, then you’re going to be in a constant state of fear and dissatisfaction.


-Don’t compare yourself to other people because you have only caught up to them at the end of their journey; you don’t know what happened in the beginning and middle, what it took for them to get there and if they’re still struggling today.

-People who intermittent fast vs. people who eat a varied diet and frontload the carbohydrates lose the same amount of weight. It’s OK if intermittent fasting works for you and fits into your lifestyle, but 90% of the time, people who are binge eating are people who are restricting in the day.


-The wellness world alienates people who don’t have access to large budgets for food. Eating quinoa and organic kale isn’t the only way to achieve health. Healthy eating can be accessible and doesn’t have to be organic or fresh, and health does NOT have to look one way or be super rigid!

-Frozen fruits and vegetables can be healthier than fresh ones. If you’re not really close to a lot of orchards or farms, your food has to travel far. By the time it reaches you, it’s started to degrade and lose some of its nutritional value. Frozen foods retain more of their nutritional profile as soon as they’re frozen – and they’re also cheaper!


-How we look is a manifestation of how we treat ourselves.

-The most influential lifestyle practices that help preserve our youthfulness and joy are mindfulness practices and the people you choose to surround yourself with. You live and learn, and you live and yearn to be better! It’s about working on inner explorations that make you feel like an attractive, successful, happy person.

-Ideally, fillers and botox should be used to reflate, not inflate. Once you start creating structure with fillers, which is an artificial product, you’re actually just stretching skin. Hyaluronic acid will never replace bone structure. However, that doesn’t mean fillers are bad! The right amount of everything is appropriate.