10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

I hope everyone had a great month! The end of March means another roundup of lessons from The Blonde Files Podcast. This month, we talked about all things intuitive eating with the co-founder of intuitive eating herself, Evelyn Tribole; the real science of our gut; pressures of today’s beauty standards and celebrities who in my opinion have had work done; tips for growing and functioning in the digital world and the ins and outs of podcasting; and so much more. I also had a last-minute Q&A with a special guest this month when another guest canceled – my husband and writer/producer extraordinaire, Chuck Lorre! (If you haven’t listened to the first episode with Chuck, go back and listen to that one first because we didn’t repeat any of the questions we answered there.)

I also recorded my 100th episode of the show this month! This was so momentous to me because I was terrified to start a podcast. My fear of public speaking held me back for a long time, but when I finally started it, it was such a labor of love. For a year I did everything myself without making a penny, so to see how much the podcast has grown in 2 years (especially the past year) is so gratifying. And I’m just getting started!

If you missed February’s episodes and roundup of lessons, definitely go check them out here. Thank you for your support every week and rating, reviewing and subscribing (hint, hint)!


-Discipline is doing the work that needs to be done, whether you’re in the mood or not. Whether you’re tired or not. Whatever the obstacle is, you do the work anyway – and the reward that comes from discipline is gratification and a sense of accomplishment when you push through the personal resistance.

-You learn far more from failure than you do from success. In success, you’re too busy patting yourself on the back to take the lesson. When you fail, separate yourself from the work. The work is the work, so your job when it fails is to fix it, make it better and overcome the failure.


-When it comes to eyeballing who’s gotten plastic surgery, you can tell a lot from their high school photo. Generally, by that time, the person’s facial features are set.

-Celebrities who have to maintain the same look (especially actors and models) can’t afford to get temporary procedures because if you have to send out headshots to agencies, you have to maintain the same cheek levels, the same jaw levels, etc. There can’t be inconsistencies, so permanent procedures are more common than temporary ones.


-Intuitive eating is a self-care eating framework where you’re the boss of you; only you can be the expert of your thoughts, feelings and experiences and only you know what satisfies you.

-When it comes to dealing with cravings intuitively, get curious about it. If it’s truly a craving, indulging usually takes care of it – but if it’s something deeper and you have a need that’s not being met, ask yourself what you’re feeling and what you need to address it in the present moment. It’s not a simple answer, but the process is.


-We tend to feel that if something is important to us, everybody else in the world has to feel that same impact or the same importance on that subject – but it’s not realistic.

-If you’ve adopted somebody else’s set of beliefs without questioning those beliefs, you’re just conforming. You’re taking a subset of ideas that aren’t necessarily yours and accepting them without any original thoughts.


-The old saying is, “You are what you eat,” but it’s actually, “You are what you digest.” No matter how healthy you eat, if you don’t have a good gut lining, you’re not going to get that food from your gut into your blood to feed things like your brain, your skin, etc.

-When it comes to food combining, there’s no scientific evidence to say that you can’t have your fruits with your proteins, etc. If we think about digestion, they all go into our gut and it works like a washing machine. It’s completely fine to combine your foods! It can actually be beneficial.