10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

The end of August means another roundup of podcast lessons! This month was full of myth-busting diet trends, self-reflection on practices that radically transformed my life when it comes to wellness, a look into a functional medicine approach to mental health and tips on how to optimize our hormones and periods to thrive. Definitely check out each episode if you haven’t already โ€“ and last month’s roundup of lessons. Thanks for tuning in!


-The myth about ketogenic diets is that you can eat high carb diets as long as you’re eating the same amount of calories and still lose weight.

-There’s no secret sauce to losing weight! Different diets work for different people because when you find something that you like that’s sustainable for you, you’re adopting healthier habits and reducing your caloric intake. It’s all about finding what’s sustainable for you, fits your lifestyle and is palatable.


-My life after getting sober has just been a series of surrenders โ€“ and those surrenders are what ultimately bring me peace. Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up, but turning over my control to the universe, a higher power or whatever you believe in and not focusing on the outcome. Live in the present moment, minute to minute!

-If you want to change something about yourself, try to get down to your “why.” You might be shocked at what you learn when you put pen to paper โ€“ or fingers to keyboard. The key here is awareness.

-You can live in the present, be happy and accepting of the now while also creating healthy habits outside of that. It comes down to the motivation and intention behind it. You have to ask yourself if you’re doing this for self-care, to feel good, to enhance your life in some way or out of fear and punishment. Starting a healthy habit from a well-intentioned place will make the difference between whether your actions are sustainable or not.


-The pillars of living a fulfilled, healthy and balanced life are a sense of community, good relationships, fulfilling work, a meaning or purpose, some connection to nature and a nutrient-dense, non-inflammatory diet.

-You can shift from living in a chronically stressed response to one of relaxation in 2 main ways: mind-body work (like meditation, breathwork, yoga and energy work) and doing less, meaning we make our choices about how we spend our time more consciously.


-Your cycle is considered your 5th vital sign by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (along with temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure). So if you experience PMS, irregular cycles, etc. don’t ignore them! It’s our body’s biofeedback (just like a fever) that something is wrong and that it needs your help.

-Infradian rhythm is our second biological clock that’s just as important as our circadian rhythm. It governs 6 key systems of the body (your brain, metabolism, immune system, microbiomes, stress response system and reproductive system). The cycle syncing method supports your infradian rhythm โ€“ and it’s a 3 pillar system. You have to change the way you’re eating, change the way you’re working out and you have to manage your time a bit differently to factor in both the infradian and circadian clocks.

-Cycles have 4 phases. So you change what you’re eating based on what phase you’re in, change what workouts you do to optimize the biochemistry of that phase and take advantage of the cognitive superpowers that you get based on the infradian effect on the brain to work more productively and efficiently while decreasing stress levels.