10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

October is coming to an end, which means another roundup of lessons from The Blonde Files Podcast. From all things plastic surgery and the science behind optimism to finding balance and living in alignment, this month was full of real talk and another amazing lineup of experts in the wellness and beauty space. If you missed September’s roundup, definitely go check it out. Thanks for tuning in every Wednesday!


-ALWAYS see a specialist! Even with facial plastic surgery, different surgeons specialize in different areas. If you’re looking to get a butt lift, breast implants, rhinoplasty, etc., make sure you see the appropriate specialist.

-There’s no right or wrong age to get a certain procedure; they’re all on a case-by-case basis. If something bothers you and it can be fixed, there are both surgical and nonsurgical options that can be discussed with your doctor.

-The best way to lift brows without surgery is a combination of botox, filler and a little sculpting to your high temple area. If that doesn’t work, dissolvable threads could potentially be the next step.


-Atypical physical health issues can be a sign that you need to look inward for the cause, whether it’s mental health, gut imbalances or mineral deficiencies. (This is where the gut-brain connection comes in!)

-Examining your vitamin and mineral levels to spot any deficiencies is a great place to start any healing process. That’s when you can start taking the appropriate supplements to get your levels to where they should be.


-Pausing gives you perspective, and perspective gives you the ability to zoom out of our current situation. Always take a moment to pause and check in with yourself.

-Emotional hangovers happen when you act out of alignment with your peace and serenity.


-Optimism is a muscle that we have to practice. It’s about duality; getting comfortable in the uncomfortableness and juggling different emotions at the same time, meaning you can feel disappointed but also hopeful.

-One of the best ways to start practicing optimism is by showing self-compassion, validating how you feel and celebrating your wins, no matter how big or small.

-Manifestation takes energy, space and action; it won’t fall into your lap.