10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

10 Things I Learned From My Podcast This Month

Did 2020 fly by for anyone else? I truly loved podcasting this year and you all are a HUGE part of my why behind The Blonde Files Podcast. So I want to say thank you to each and every single one of you who have taken the time to subscribe and leave me a rating/review! December was full of all things Stoicism, wellness without white knuckling, intentional and intuitive eating the highs and lows of 2020 and so much more! If you missed last month’s roundup, definitely go check it out. Thanks for tuning in every Wednesday – and see you all in 2021!


-2020 was all about learning how to be present, be flexible and go with the flow.

-Vision boards, journaling and manifestation over New Year’s resolutions for 2021! Look ahead and think of the bigger picture vs. expecting instant gratification.


-Intuitively eating is about being calm and listening to your body when you’re making food choices. Put more focus and energy into all the other times in the day vs. just mealtimes. Your meal choice is NOT your life. Instead, pay attention to what you’re doing, feeling and thinking before the meal.

-If you’re at ground zero (you’re not happy, you don’t have a healthy relationship with food, you don’t have a good relationship with your body, you do want to make changes, etc.), it’s important to first accept where you are – no matter where you are in the process. Realize the “I used to be” ideas that you’re holding onto and make peace with them, whether it’s “I used to be able to run half marathons” or “I used to be able to wear this size.” Then, have a conversation with yourself where you can be in juxtaposition with yourself. You CAN be working to love yourself and change yourself simultaneously. It’s also important to be mindful when you eat (are you breathing when you eat? Are you chewing completely?)!


-Stoicism is about responding to life with excellence. A Stoic believes they don’t control the world around us but rather the way they respond to the world around us – and they respond by channeling the 4 virtues of courage, justice, wisdom and temperance (aka moderance or self-discipline).

-Routine is important but the most important thing is to be flexible. If you’re too rigid, then you’re also really fragile.

-You cannot get rid of ego, but you can replace it with something else. CONFIDENCE becomes really important here. It’s something you earn, and it gives you a sense of what you’re capable of. On the other hand, ego is the belief that the rules don’t apply to you, everything is easy, whatever you want is yours, etc. That’s not healthy but confidence is essential.


-Balance is never really achieved; it’s a constant state of change and you have to learn to be more fluid. What worked for you yesterday may not work for you tomorrow!

-Living authentically comes with recognizing where you can make changes and doing so, coming to grips with your evolution and respecting yourself and your goals, aspirations, etc.

-The sucrose molecule (aka sugar) is made up of 1 glucose and 1 fructose molecule. Glucose goes into the bloodstream and elevates your blood sugar, while fructose metabolizes in the liver. Different types of sugars have different amounts of glucose and fructose, so when it comes to managing blood sugar levels to maintain homeostasis, always go back to science to determine why some things are good and why other things are bad.