10 Things to Do This Summer If You’re Not Jetting Off to Europe

Last summer I decided to travel solo to Europe which was incredible – I highly recommend doing it at least once in your lifetime. However, if jetting off to Europe just isn’t in the cards for you this summer, I’m sharing ten things you can do instead which don’t require a passport or plane ticket. Just because your Instagram feed won’t include photos of you sitting at an Italian café somewhere (Aperol spritz in hand) doesn’t mean you can’t have your best summer yet!

1. Shop at your local farmer’s market

This is one of my favorite things to do, especially in the summer. Not only do you get incredible seasonal produce, but you get to actually enjoy shopping for groceries. There’s just something about being outside and getting to try new things your grocery store doesn’t offer.

2. Read a new book outside

I love reading – if you need a good recommendation, here’s a list of books I’ve read and loved. This summer, try going to a local coffee shop or take your book to the beach or pool. Whatever you do, get outside in the fresh air and sunshine!

3. Try a new recipe

You guys already know how much I love testing new recipes and putting my own spin on them, but summer is a fun time to get creative! From fresh salads to smoothies, browse Pinterest and get inspired!

4. Get away for the weekend

Sometimes all it takes is a weekend away to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. That’s one of the reasons I love getting away to our beach house in Malibu. I always feel so much more relaxed afterwards.

5. Book a day at the spa

Just do it – you deserve it! Think of it as an investment in your mental health.

6. Update your beauty routine

I love trying out new skincare products (or procedures). Whether you love a good spray tan (don’t we all) or have been wanting to try out the latest beauty trend, give yourself permission to take your beauty routine to the next level.

7. Dine al fresco

In the summer I try to eat outdoors as much as possible. Enjoy your breakfast outside, opt for patio seating when you go to dinner, or take your morning matcha to go and get as much fresh air and vitamin D as possible.

8. Take your workout outdoors

Whether you do yoga or another exercise program, take it outdoors. Or, skip your workout altogether and go for long walk or bike ride instead.

9. Grow your own herbs

It seems everyone is gardening these days, but if that’s a bit too daunting for you, try growing your own herbs instead. I love incorporating fresh basil, parsley and cilantro into my recipes, so why not just grow them yourself?

10. Go a day without your phone

Okay, this one might be tough but I’m going to challenge myself to go a day without looking at my phone. Not only will it force me to be more present, but we could all use a good tech cleanse, right? Do you think I can do it?