10 Ways to Embrace Aging

Most of us aren’t thrilled to see signs of aging when we look in the mirror, which is why it’s no surprise cosmetic procedures have become so popular. It seems as though there’s always a new skincare product or surgical enhancement that promises the fountain of youth. But no amount of Botox, plastic surgery, retinol or wrinkle cream can erase or stop the process of aging. So, why are we all trying to avoid the inevitable? Why is getting older seen as such a terrible thing? While it’s true society puts an enormous amount of pressure on us to look a certain way or attain unrealistic expectations of beauty, it’s up to us to change the way we feel about aging. After all, becoming wiser comes with experience and age which should be celebrated. So, here are ten ways to embrace aging in our youth-obsessed culture:

-Accept that change is inevitable – the fear of aging will only prevent you from living life to the fullest

-Appreciate all the years you’ve lived and experiences you’ve had – not everyone is as fortunate

-Change your attitude about aging – in some cultures, old age is honored and celebrated, and respect for elders is a core virtue of their society

-Value wisdom and emotional intelligence over the way you look – you are so much more than your reflection

-Know that getting older means you’ll have more opportunities to grow, learn and become a better, more fulfilled being

-Understand that passing on your knowledge and wisdom to younger, future generations is a valuable thing

-Realize that the older you get the more confident and comfortable you’ll become in your own skin, and who doesn’t want to be more confident?

-Remember that with every year we age, we’re able to do more of the things we love like reading, traveling, spending time with loved ones, and trying new things

-Embrace what truly makes you beautiful – your kindness, intelligence, expressiveness, thoughtfulness, wonder or love for life – and let go of the notion that your worth stems from your appearance

-Celebrate your birthday! That’s right… blow out those candles – no matter how many of them there are – and find joy in the art of aging