2020 Wellness Trends to Take Note Of

If you’ve spent even five minutes with me, you know I love to talk about all things wellness. But I get it – whether you’re wellness obsessed or wanting to learn more, it can seem super overwhelming because there are so many trends out there that people “swear by”. It’s hard to know which ones make a difference, and which ones are just for the looks. Trying out wellness trends is basically a part of my job description, so I have a pretty good idea of what works, at least for me. Here are the 2020 wellness trends I’m following or at least taking note of!

Intuitive eating

I love this approach to nutrition as opposed to diets and calorie counting that can make the whole thing feel overwhelming and impossible. Intuitive eating is defined as “a self-care eating framework which integrates instinct, emotion, and rational thought”. It includes principals such as making peace with food, respecting fullness, exercise and honoring your health, which I believe is a safer approach to nutrition. If you’ve been following me for a while you may remember that I counted macros a few years back and it ROYALLY screwed up my relationship with food for a while; those numbers stay in your head!

Gua Sha

Technically a skincare trend, but to me, skincare = wellness. Gua Sha is a facial massage technique using a gua sha tool cut from crystal plus your favorite facial serum. This traditional Chinese medicine technique involves scraping the skin to promote lymphatic blood flow in your face, resulting in a toned and sculpted appearance. Other benefits include reduced fine lines and wrinkles so, yes please X a million! Oh, and it feels amazing. It’s basically the 2020 version of a jade roller.

At-home workouts

While quarantine might be what got a lot of people to this point, I’ve been loving home workouts for a while. Especially now, there are so many avenues for amazing workouts at home – from streaming services to free LIVEs. At-home workouts make perfect sense for the business of our schedules since you don’t have to plan or commute anywhere. Plus, my personal favorite part: you don’t actually have to see anyone and can roll right out of bed!

Some of my favorites include Rachael’s Good Eats and Melissa Wood Health.

Meditation that’s easy to access

If you only try one trend from this list, let it be meditation. I’m not sure we can call it a trend given that it’s been around for thousands of years, but it’s definitely have a MOMENT. Meditation is as easy sitting on the floor, closing your eyes, clearing your mind and focusing on your breath. So easy and accessible to everyone. I start every morning with TM mediation which is somewhat specific (but GAME. CHANGER) but I truly believe any form is key for mental and emotional well-being. If you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, or having trouble sleeping – especially right now – it’s worth giving a try. Don’t be afraid of your thoughts!! Check out Headspace or Calm if you’re clueless about where to start or watch my simple mantra tip.

Integrative health

Integrative health is an approach to healthcare that integrates Western medicine and a broader understanding of illness, healing, and wellness. I appreciate this approach because it’s all about balance. With its popularity increasing, more people have access to holistic doctors to talk through their health with. It also means more education is being made available with new platforms such as Begin to Heal which connects you to holistic wellness practitioners, provides education, and even offers guided meditation. 

Sustainable everything

Sustainability and the wellness industry are BFFs these days. The use of innovative and eco-friendly technology in our favorite wellness products is making it even more tempting to splurge on all the things. We’re seeing it in refillable deodorant, shampoo and conditioner bars, biodegradable packaging in food delivery kits, sustainable manufacturing and ingredients, and so much more. The fashion world is even taking note and the way we shop/consume will continue to evolve with Earth in mind.


While CBD isn’t my thing personally with sobriety, I had to include it because I know a lot of my peers believe in it. CBD can help with anxiety, acne, is used for pain relief, helps with sleep, and a lot more. It comes in so many different forms such as gummies, oral drops, skincare, and essential oils so I’m sure you’ll be able to find what feels comfortable for you! Just make sure you’re getting it from a legitamate source.

What’s your favorite wellness trend so far this year?