5 Hacks for Motivating Yourself to Work Out

While I’ve been loving my workout routine lately, I’ll be honest, there have been times when I dreaded working out. Unless you’re one of those people who just love working out (congrats) finding the motivation to make it to a Pilates class or work out at home consistently can be a struggle. I’ve tried tons of different things to help keep me motivated to get my sweat in for the day, and these are the hacks I’ve found to be the best at actually making me want to work out.

1. Have an accountability partner

There’s nothing worse than letting someone down, and my workout wife and I hold each other accountable to make it to our Pilates classes. Not only is it a lot more fun to work out with a friend, but it keeps me motivated to actually show up. If you don’t have someone who you can work out with, ask a friend or family member to check in with you and hold you accountable for making it to your workouts.

2. Put your workout clothes on first thing in the morning

If you typically work out in the morning, then put your workout clothes on first thing when you wake up (before you actually know what you’re doing). It will make it so you have fewer excuses to skip that workout class when you’re already dressed and ready to go. Literally, the only thing you have left to do is show up! If you can’t work out in the morning, lay out your clothes the night before or make sure your workout bag is packed in advance.

3. Create a space you actually want to work out in

For all of you who work out at home, it can be tough to stay motivated when you don’t have an inspiring place to do it. So, dedicate a space that is free of clutter and distractions and make it a place you actually want to spend time in. Light a candle, put your weights in a cute basket, have spa towels handy… whatever it is that will actually get you excited to work out.

4. Create a reward system

After almost every Pilates class, I’ll go and grab my favorite smoothie. I’m literally obsessed and dream about these smoothies, so I’ll tell myself I can only get a smoothie after I make it to a workout class – bribes are totally acceptable and often necessary lol! So, whether it’s new activewear or a matcha latte, set up a reward system that will make it so you can’t resist making it to that sweat sesh!

5. Invest in chic gear

There’s nothing less motivating than having nothing but an old t-shirt to work out in! Sometimes, all you need is a new pair of sneakers or a chic matching set to get you excited about your workout routine. The same can be said about your fitness gear. Is it time to update that yoga mat from 2010? I swear I get excited when I get to use my Bala bangles, so invest in the little things that make working out a little less dull.