6 Things You Can Do To Start the New Year Off Right

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions, but I do think it’s a good time to reset your intentions for the year ahead. Everybody likes a fresh start, so what better time to reflect on the past year and reassess your goals and vision for the future? I’m a huge proponent of living mindfully on a daily basis, but every now and then we need to take some time to really think about what we want so our thoughts an actions are aligned and intentional. Manifestation is all about tapping into your subconscious to attract the things you desire most through energetics. So, here are six things you can do to not only start the new year off right, but to manifest your innermost desires.

1. Write down your intentions for 2022

If you’ve read the book The Secret, then you know the law of attraction can be a powerful tool. So, write down your intentions for the year ahead and imagine that the things you want most have already happened. Some say that imagining success is just as good as actually achieving it. Besides, if all you think about are negative thoughts, then you’ll likely attract more negative things into your life. So, the more you focus on the positive, the more likely you’ll be to attract those opportunities.

2. Start a new ritual

If you’re feeling in a rut or just want to change up your current routine, then start a new ritual. It could be as simple as waking up five minutes earlier to journal or take some time to truly enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Whatever it is, commit to this new ritual and before you know it, it will be a part of your everyday routine.

3. Declutter your space

Lighten your load and let go of anything that no longer serves you. Declutter your space and donate anything you no longer want or need. When you’re intentional with your space, then you can make room for new possibilities to come into your life. Plus, you’ll feel a lot better once you aren’t bogged down with a bunch of things you no longer need.

4. Forgive & let go of the past

If there’s one thing you could do for yourself, it’s to forgive and let go of the past. We tend to think about the past instead of living in the present moment, but the past is behind us so why carry that baggage into the future? While the past couple of years have been tough to say the least, maybe it’s time to make a conscious effort to accept what happened, let it go, and accept that certain things are out of our control.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

If you believe in affirmations, then you know they can be extremely powerful and life changing. We use positive and negative affirmations every day without thinking about it. Negative affirmations generally lead to low self-esteem, poor decision making and negative attitudes. So, positive affirmations can help you rewire your brain and overcome your limiting beliefs. Our minds are a powerful tool. If you think highly of yourself and can see yourself achieving success or happiness, then chances are, those thoughts become reality. The same can be said for negative self-thoughts.

6. Don’t forget to have hope

The doom and gloom messages we’re constantly being fed can be overwhelming, and to be honest, they aren’t serving anyone. Instead of dwelling on the negativity, have hope instead. Think about all the positive things you have in your life and practice gratitude. I can guarantee that will make you feel a lot better than watching the news or going on social media. Remember that everything is temporary and this too, shall pass.

I want to wish you all a happy New Year! Cheers to 2022 – may each year be better than the last!