Avocado Sauce

I got a bunch of questions yesterday about this avocado sauce so I thought I’d share. I’m all about the healthy fats as I find that incorporating them into my meals keeps me satiated and feeling good throughout the day. I didn’t really measure this when I made it but it went something like this:⁣


+ 3/4 cup plain coconut yogurt (I used Culina Yogurt because it’s nice and thick)⁣
+ 1/2 avocado⁣
+ Just enough unsweetened nut milk to be able to blend into a pourable sauce (if that makes sense?)⁣
+ Pinch of garlic (powder is fine too)⁣
+ Salt to taste ⁣


You can get creative and add more flavors if you’d like, this is a great base to customize or you can enjoy as is! I poured over brown rice and veggies and topped with fresh dill and red pepper and it was *chefs kiss*.
Let me know if you try it!