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Baked Salmon Handrolls

These may be more like baked salmon/nori burritos versus hand rolls but they were so good I had to share. Don’t be intimidated by this recipe, they were actually much easier than I thought. Here’s exactly how I made them:


+ Salmon filet
+ Cucumber
+ Carrot
+ Avocado
+ Nori
+ White rice
+ Spicy mayo


1. Baked or pan sear salmon; I do it on a cast iron skillet to get it super crispy. Just heat some avocado oil over high heat, once it’s very hot place the salmon in the skillet skin side up. Cook for about 5ish minutes or until there’s about 1/4 inch crisp on the side on the skillet. Then flip, reduce heat to low and continue to cook until flaky.
2. Cut veggies, cook rice and add everything to the nori, drizzle with spicy mayo and roll it up (my rolling skills suck but I was told to add a little water so it sticks, and wet your knife before you cut).
3. Enjoy!