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Basic Matcha

I quit drinking coffee several months ago (because it made me feel awful), and have never looked back thanks to my morning matcha! There are endless ways to make this and some days I’ll add things like spices, adaptogens or coconut butter, but this is a great recipe as is! Let me know if you try it and come up with any variations! xo


+ Matcha powder (I like Ippodo)

+ milk (I use homemade hemp milk, but Living Harvest is also good)

+ Collagen Peptides (I use Sports Research or VITAL PROTEINS Marine Collagen)

+ Monkfruit Natural Sweetener

+ (NO weird aftertaste!!) and/or Raw honey


1. in mug or bowl, add 1 tbsp matcha and just a little water; whisk until combined well (this Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk
 is a must)
2. fill mug to the top with milk
3. pour into small pot; heat on low
4. add 1 scoop of collagen peptides, sweetener of choice
5. blend using handheld Frother
6. once it is heated through pour and ENJOY!
** you can also add all ingredients to a blender and blend at low speed!