Beauty Hot Takes: Botox Botulism, Colostrum, Acne Meds, Korean Skincare, Growth Factors, and TikTok Trends with Amy Chang

Amy Chang is a leading beauty content creator whose platform is focused on wellness and helping women look and feel their best. In this episode, we talk about our botox nightmares and the misuse of hyaluronic acid fillers. She also breaks down all her beauty hot topics, from her experience with colostrum and eating her placenta to Korean skincare and growth factors. We also share our struggles with acne, the argument between finding the root cause and Rx, and what’s worked for us. Lastly, we get her take on TikTok beauty trends, from slugging to double cleansing and heatless hairstyling. It’s a fun one!

Arielle’s Skincare Breakdown:

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