Body Love, Beauty Standards and Whether to Have Kids w Liz Moody

In this episode I’m talking to cookbook author, content creator and podcaster Liz Moody about social and culture issues that we face today. We discuss how Liz left NYC during the pandemic and adopted a “nomad life” with her husband; how to move through fear and the scary stories we tell ourselves; how to incorporate daily micro-moments to counteract stress; today’s beauty standards and how Liz found peace with her body; how to reconcile loving ourselves and also changing parts of ourselves and how to navigate a beauty obsessed world. We also go in depth and explore why attractiveness is so lauded, the challenges of aging in this climate and finally our conflicted feelings about having children. to claim your free LMNT Sample Pack, you only cover the cost of shipping. for 15% off your first one-time order or 20% off your first subscription, plus Free shipping. for your extended 30 day free trial. for $15 off your first order.

Produced by Dear Media