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Cosmetic Dentistry, The Role of Oral Health in Overall Wellbeing and Why a Good Smile is the Ultimate Anti-aging Hack with Dr. Matt Nejad

Dr. Matt Nejad is an expert biomimetic and esthetic dentist practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. He is considered one of the top leaders in the dental industry, a key opinion leader, and an international lecturer. He joins the show to discuss biomimetic cosmetic dentistry, how oral health contributes to overall health and why healthy teeth are the ultimate anti-aging hack. We talk about the veneer process and why so many people have a poor outcome, why it’s so important to maintain the structural integrity of the tooth, composite bonding vs. veneers, the importance of gum health, natural oral care products, tongue scraping, lifestyle factors that contribute to periodontal and gum disease, and why nothing beats natural when it comes to aesthetics. 

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