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Creamy 10-Minute One Pot Pasta

My first one pot pasta recipe went over so well with the internet (LOL) I had to do another. This creamy 10-minute OPP is even better than that (sorry Martha Stewart) so give it a try if you want a quick dinner or meal idea!


+ 12oz pasta (I used linguini)⁣
+ 3-4 cups water (do half broth for richer flavor)⁣
+ 1/4 cup olive oil
+ 3-4 garlic cloves, chopped
+ 3/4 cup chopped parsley
+ 2-3 tbsp crushed red pepper
+ Salt and pepper to taste
+ Cheese of choice (I used goat)


1. Combine all ingredients (except cheese) in a large skillet - MUST be large enough that all the pasta can be submerged in water otherwise it won’t cook evenly!⁣

2. Start with 3 cups of water - heat to a light boil and cover, but remove cover and stir pasta frequently so it doesn’t stick to bottom of the pan.

3. Continue stirring until all the water is absorbed - pasta should be al dente but if it needs to be cooked through more, slowly add water.

4. Add cheese or topping of choice and enjoy!