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Creamy Dairy-Free Ricotta Pesto Pasta

I’ve been making this creamy dairy-free pesto ricotta pasta nonstop for weeks (months?) and finally got around to filming for this reel. It’s more of a method rather than a recipe and you can definitely put your own twist on it! ⁣It’s creamy, delicious, and a great way to sneak in some veggies. Enjoy!


+ Pasta of choice ⁣
+ 1 cup pesto of choice (I’m used Erewhon vegan pesto)⁣
+ 2/3 cup nutritional yeast ⁣
+ 1/2 cup ricotta (I used Kite Hill)⁣
+ 2 cups chopped kale ⁣
+ 2 cups sliced cherry tomatoes ⁣
+ 1 cup sliced black olives ⁣
+ Olive oil⁣
+ Salt and pepper to taste ⁣


1. Cook the pasta.
2. Wash kale thoroughly then chop into small pieces; massage well with olive oil. ⁣
3. Sautee over medium heat until almost crispy and set aside. ⁣
4. Sautee tomatoes and olives (omit if you don’t like!) over medium-low heat until soft. ⁣
5. Add pesto and nutritional yeast to pasta and combine well⁣.
6. Add kale, tomatoes and olives and combine well. ⁣
7. Crumble ricotta on top and either mix or leave as is. Season with salt and pepper if desired.