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Green Goddess Salad

This salad is giving me summer vibes. I threw it together last night after seeing a similar salad on NYT Cooking, but this is much simpler. Such yummy flavors together (and I made scallops on the side) I didn’t measure anything so I’ll just put ingredients with some approximations and you can decide how much of each you want to use. Enjoy!


+ Romaine lettuce ⁣
+ Grilled corn (2 ears)⁣
+ Avocado
+ Green beans ⁣
+ Dairy free feta (goat would be better IMO)⁣


+ 2/3 cup olive oil (roughly)
+ 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
+ Dijon mustard (a few tbsp)
+ Salt and pepper to taste
+ Dill ⁣


1. Grill corn until lightly browned. You can also sauté kernels.
2. Lightly steam or sauté green beans. ⁣
3. Combine lettuce, green beans, corn, avocado and cheese⁣.
4. Add dressing and enjoy.