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Gut Healing Protocol (Part 1)

Ok babes – you’ve alllll been asking what I’ve taken to heal my gut, and I’ve been really reluctant to give specifics because it is VERY particular to my issue (bacterial overgrowth – yours could simply be food intolerance or your diet, candida, h pylori, hormone imbalance etc etc) and to the particular strains of bacteria I had. I’m going to give you the run down in hopes that you see that it’s much more complicated than just taking a probiotic every morning, and you’ll get tested yourselves! It is important to note that if you take some of these things without knowing what is causing your symptoms, it could make the situation worse. So:

Rob Yang and I are only just getting started healing my gut and there will be more steps especially as we move on to detox functions and hormones. I am working with him on putting together some universal tips that help bloating but I hope this sheds some light on how complicated it is. I am empowered because I got tested and figured out what was going on in my body – you can too! XOXO ❤