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Habits of High Performing People, Why Sleep is the Best Health Hack and How to Prevent Alzheimers with Neurophysiologist Louisa Nicola, MMed, BSc

Neurophysiologist and human performance coach, Louisa Nicola is the founder and head performance advisor of Neuro Athletics โ€“ a consulting firm that boasts the best athletes in the world. By using science-driven data from EEG scans, labs tests, and cognitive assessments, Louisa has a first-class ticket inside the brain of elite NBA and MLB stars, as well as CEOโ€™s and other high profile people. She joins the show to discuss what all these high performing people have in common, and how to optimize our own health specifically with sleep and exercise. We cover how specifically to have the best sleep and why it is so critical for not only brain detoxification but emotional regulation and more, how deep sleep helps prevent Alzheimers and other neurodegerative diseases, how much sleep to get, and the optimal environment for sleep. We also delve into how to limit neural inflammation through exercise, the specific breakdown of resistance vs. aerobic exercise to get per week, what to aim for in each training session and specifics about myokines that are released during exercise. Finally, she explains why we must deliberately choose happiness, how technology is affecting our dopamine, alcoholโ€™s effects on the brain and so much more.

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