Healthy Chocolate and Strawberry Quesadilla

Healthy Chocolate & Strawberry Quesadilla

Healthy chocolate and strawberry quesadilla! I saw Liz Moody make something like this recently and I just had to try it using just 3 ingredients! This is such a delicious dessert to share with some friends or family.⁣


+ 2 tortillas ⁣
+ Lakanto suntella sugar-free chocolate spread (made with sunflower seeds, cocoa and monk fruit)⁣
+ Strawberries⁣


1. Spray a pan with oil and heat over medium-high until hot⁣

2. Add a tortilla and let it fry until crispy and brown; remove and set aside⁣

3. Add another tortilla and repeat⁣

4. Add suntella chocolate spread and berries to tortilla and sandwich with the one you set aside⁣

5. Remove, let cook and slice!⁣