Honey Glazed Chicken

I’ve been eating this honey glazed chicken and jasmine rice for weeks and I promise you’ll have it on repeat too! I’m so picky about my chicken (animal protein in general) and cooking this in the instant pot gives it the perfect texture (aka it just falls apart). Here’s a reel on exactly how I make this honey glazed chicken.


+ Chicken thighs (you could do breast too but cooking time might vary)⁣
+ 3/4 cup honey⁣
+ 3/4 cup coconut aminos ⁣
+ 2/3 cup ketchup ⁣
+ 2 tbsp minced garlic ⁣
+ Fresh or powdered ginger ⁣
+ You can add parsley, green onions, sesame seeds, whatever you like!⁣

For rice:⁣⁣
+ 1 cup dry jasmine rice ⁣
+ 1.5 cups bone broth ⁣
+ 2 tbsp ghee ⁣


1. Combine all ingredients thoroughly. ⁣
2. Add chicken to instant pot (brown on each side on sauté setting for 2 mins if desired, I always do this when cooking chicken).
3. Pour sauce over chicken and cook for 22 minutes (yes I’ve tried different times and I like it this specific) then an additional 5 minutes once the timer goes off before you release/open.
4. Separately add washed rice, broth and ghee to a pot and bring to a boil; reduce heat to low and cover cooking for 15 mins. ⁣
5. Turn off heat and let it steam an additional 10 mins.
6. Add salt/pepper if desired.