How to Create a Spa Vibe in Your Own Bathroom

I’ve been finding a lot of comfort in my self-care rituals while in quarantine – and that includes at-home spa nights. You never really picture the bathroom as a place where the “magic” happens but with the right vibe and essentials, you can create a space worthy of your skincare routine and at-home facials. In true DIY-in-quarantine fashion, I turned my bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary where I can unwind and decompress. Here’s how you can give your bathroom the ultimate spa treatment.

Choose natural colors

Bold colors and accents will take away from the calming and welcoming environment you’re trying to create, so opt for neutral colors when decorating your bathroom. I love all-white for everything! It gives off a look that’s both soothing and modern. Greige, charcoal and soft pastels are also some of my favorite colors that perfectly achieve the spa vibe.

Add earthy accents

Indoor plants create a healthy environment and add life to any room – and they’re an easy way to transform your bathroom into a comfortable and soothing space. You can fill a vase with your favorite flowers, hang an air plant from the ceiling, or set potted plants around the bathroom. Personally, I’m an orchid-in-the-bathroom girl. If you’re worried about having a black thumb, succulents and pothos plants are pretty foolproof.

Set the mood 

I love dressing up (or down, in this case) – and you can’t have a proper spa experience without investment towels, a big chunky robe, and slippers. It’s not the time to go budget-friendly, IMO. This can make it feel like more of an occasion and like you’re at an actual spa. Love this brand for robes and towels.

Next, it’s all about the lighting. Lowering the lights and placing candles around your bathroom will instantly create the perfect ambiance. If you don’t have dimmers in your bathroom, turn the lights out and light a bunch of candles to set the mood.

Engage your senses

Aromatherapy is the easiest way to create a multi-sensory experience. You can light your favorite candle or use an essential oil diffuser (like this one!). Scents like jasmine, lavender, chamomile and vanilla are great natural relaxers with anxiety-reducing effects. Then, make yourself some matcha, put on a meditation playlist, pile up some fluffy towels and soak in a warm bath.

How do you like to create a spa vibe in your own bathroom? I’d love to hear your favorite tips.