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How to Get Out of an Afternoon Slump

We always put a lot of focus on our morning and nighttime routines – but mid-day routines are just as important. We usually start to lose more and more energy and be less productive throughout the day, but it doesn’t have to be that way! While morning routines help set the tone for the day, mid-day routines help you stay on track. Here are four ways to get out of an afternoon slump that doesn’t require an espresso.

Go for a walk

Sitting in the same environment hour after hour can deplete your energy, motivation and inspirations. Our bodies need movement and sunlight to function at its best, so I like to take a mid-day walk. It also helps me get my steps in throughout the day. While I do like to listen to podcasts or music throughout the day, I try not to bring my work with me or look at my phone so I can give my mind an authentic break. Plus, you know I’m a huge fan of walking without distractions.

Eat a healthy snack

Brain food is a real thing. The foods you eat play a role in keeping your mind in shape – and it can improve mental tasks like memory and concentration. Our brains require constant energy, so it’s important to fuel up to avoid those headaches and grumpy and irritable moods. Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and glucose are the best brain fuel. I like to keep snacks like almonds, apple slices with nut butter, veggies and hummus, berries and dark chocolate on hand!

Take a break

No matter how well you put together your morning to-do list, your day will always be interrupted by distractions and spontaneous tasks. Whenever this happens, I sometimes start to feel overwhelmed and have a harder time getting back on track. So I like to take a minute to gather my thoughts and reevaluate my priorities. Whether this looks like a quick meditation break, journaling, lighting a candle and listening to music, or grabbing a quick matcha, my mind always feels much more clear and I’m ready to get back to work.

Focus on your breath

Breath work can help so much with your alertness, energy levels and mood. The Wim Hoff Method is a way to keep your body and mind in its optimal natural state. His specialized breathing technique has been proven to give you more energy, reduce stress levels, and improve your immune response that deals with pathogens. So, even if it’s just five minutes, try taking some deep breaths or try out the Wim Hoff Method.

How do you get out of an afternoon slump? I’d love to hear your best energizing and rejuvenating tips.