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How to Get the Most Out of Injectables, Lasers, and What Not to Do with Anush Movsesian

Anush Movsesian, MSN & FNP-C, is an aesthetic practitioner and among the most sought-after skin rejuvenation experts in Los Angeles. Anush joins me to talk about realistic (and unrealistic) expectations in the world of injectables. We discuss common injectable mistakes, what makes a good candidate for certain procedures (including Morpheus, fillers, threads, etc.), and less invasive options for results. We also go into the mental health aspect of aesthetics, from procedure addiction to face dysmorphia to treating young patients and the ever-changing beauty standards. We also go into the exact skincare routine she suggests for her high-profile clients and anyone who wants to elevate their aesthetics.

This episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct, or indirect financial interest in products, or services referred to in this episode.

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