How to Have the Best Brain Possible & Ten Things to Do for Optimal Brain Health with Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is a renowned brain coach who, for 25 years. Has worked closely with CEOs, executives, celebrities, athletes, students, and super-achievers in various industries to enhance brain performance through world-class accelerated learning programs and proven methods for brain fitness. Jim is the Founder & CEO of Kwik Learning, NYT Bestselling Author of Limitless, Speed Reading & Memory Trainer & Host of the #1 Kwik Brain Podcast. He joins the show to talk about how to have the best brain possible and optimize the incredible machine in our heads. We discuss how negative self-talk and limiting beliefs determine our reality, how our thoughts become things, and why adversity can be a major advantage. He also shares ten lifestyle practices we can all do to change our brains for the better, including specific neuroprotective foods, supplements and nootropics, sleep tips, the importance of novelty and so much more.

This episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct, or indirect financial interest in products, or services referred to in this episode.

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