How to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out

The wellness industry is full of fad diets, quick fixes, cleanses and empty promises. Why is it that we’re all searching for the next best thing when it comes to our health? Well, what the wellness industry doesn’t tell you is the fact that health comes from the inside. Tasha Franken said in a recent podcast episode, “when you heal on the inside, the outside follows” and I couldn’t agree more! The mind and body connection is incredibly powerful and our health suffers when we’re dealing with stress, trauma, anxiety, or emotional baggage from our past or present that we haven’t dealt with. No diet or exercise will fix your health issues until you get to the root cause of them. So, today I’m sharing a few things you can do to heal your body from the inside out.

Meditate and journal

Unresolved emotional issues like traumas and stresses from the past can occupy your mind and body. Even our thoughts and the way we think about ourselves can affect our bodies; facial expressions, shoulder and neck tension, stomach aches and headaches can all be attributed to our emotional state. Meditating and journaling can be very therapeutic and help us deal with our stress and emotions that often lead to other health complications. If you want to know the research behind it, I shared eight science-based benefits of meditation which goes more into depth about the many ways meditation can improve your health.

Have a morning routine

It’s no surprise that I’m a creature of habit. That being said, I love my morning routine. It sets the tone for the rest of my day and allows be to be more proactive rather than reactive. Everything I do in my morning routine helps me to be better equipped to handle everyday stressors. I journal, meditate, drink my greens, and get a walk or workout in before I even begin to tackle my day. If I didn’t have a morning routine, I probably wouldn’t do any of those things which are proven to help alleviate stress and anxiety. I never leave the most important things (my top priorities like my health) to the end of my day because life can be exhausting, am I right?! So, if you want to start healing your body from the inside out, then start with your morning routine!

Choose a workout routine you actually enjoy

If you think you have to kill yourself in the gym to get the results you want, then think again! If you’re forcing yourself to do workouts that you hate, then chances are you don’t feel good about them even after you’re finished with them. Plus, dreading your workout routine is not going to be sustainable. So, you’ll probably end up throwing in the towel leaving you right where you started. So, pick something you enjoy! Even if it’s just ten minutes of stretching, have a routine that you can stick with. Whether it’s yoga, Pilates, dancing or just walking, make sure it’s something you look forward to – or at least the way it makes you feel.

Don’t overcomplicate things

There’s always going to be a new superfood or magic supplement that promises eternal health. If you’re like me and have tried them all (and I mean them all) then you know kale isn’t the answer to your problems. The truth is, eating simple wholesome ingredients, moving your body and making your mental health a priority is the key to wellness. If you hate kale, then don’t eat it. If you hate running, then don’t run. Choose foods that are right for your body – maybe it’s oatmeal or a smoothie – whatever it is, choose foods that are nourishing and delicious to you, not the fitness guru you follow on IG!

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