How to Optimize Gut Health and Heal from Sibo, Candida & More with Hannah Kleinfeld

Hannah Kleinfeld is the co-founder and COO of AllergoSan USA, the company responsible for bringing Europe’s leading probiotic brand, Omni-Biotic, to the United States. Her educational background includes a BA from Yale and an MBA from Harvard. In this episode, we talk about gut health: how to heal from SIBO, candida, allergies, brain fog, and other issues that healing your gut can alleviate. We also explore probiotics, European vs. American solutions, targeted strains, how certain probiotics can target stress, and more. Hannah also shares her journey with Lyme disease, from her long road to diagnosis to where she’s at now after working to manage the disease. This is a great episode for anyone suffering unexplained symptoms and wanting to understand better all that the gut is responsible for!

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