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How to Treat Acne and Aging with CLEARSTEM Founders Danielle Gronich and Kayleigh Christina

In this episode I’m talking to Danielle Gronich and holistic nutritionist Kayleigh Christina, co-founders of nontoxic skincare line CLEARSTEM Skincare which uses premium ingredients to correct acne, acne scars, DNA damage and melasma. Gronich, the owner of the San Diego Acne Clinic, has been providing holistic solutions to those suffering acne since 2014 (with a 98% success rate), and is known as the country’s “acne guru.” We discuss root causes of acne; what healthy foods and lifestyle habits could be contributing to acne; why medications and topical treatments are often just bandaid approaches; how to recognize ingredients that could be breaking you out; how to manage acne scarring and pigmentation and so much more. 

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