How to Use the Body to Unwind the Mind, Release Stored Emotions & Heal Your Nervous System with Dr. Liz Letchford

Dr. Elizabeth Letchford, PhD, ATC, is a Certified Athletic Trainer, clinician, researcher, founder of Body Church, and earned her PhD in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. With over 17 years of experience working with patients to approach health and movement through the lens of emotional wellness, Dr. Letchford has committed herself to bridging the gap between intuition and science and helps thousands of people demystify the body and its functions while simultaneously realizing their greatest potential. In this episode, we discuss the impact of unprocessed emotions and trauma on the physical body, how relationships affect our nervous system, and what to do when your body is dysregulated. We also get into the causes of internal misalignment, how to interpret our own behaviors on our path towards healing, the impact of the stories we tell ourselves, tools to unlock our full potential, and so much more.

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