Lazy Girl Hacks to Eating More Protein

My nutritionist recommended that I eat more protein to not only help balance my hormones, but to keep me full throughout the day. Eating more protein also helps prevent glucose spikes that make you feel like crashing (been there). I’ve recently started eating within 30 minutes of waking up (per my nutritionist) with a breakfast packed with protein and I swear it’s made such a huge difference! Think the only way to increase your protein intake is by packing it full of chicken breast and hard boiled eggs? Think again! If you want to eat more protein without even trying, then here are some lazy girl hacks to sneaking it into your diet.

Start the day with a protein-packed breakfast

As I mentioned, this is something that I recently started doing and it helps so much in keeping me full throughout the day. I’ll usually have a veggie omelet or some scrambled eggs with avocado for breakfast which is not only delicious (I now look forward to it) but it’s packed with protein and healthy fats.

Add protein powder or collagen to your routine

Protein powders are great for sneaking in some extra protein throughout the day. Even if you’re not a protein shake kind of a person (which I totally get), I suggest trying collagen powder which literally has no taste. You can add it to your coffee or matcha in the morning for the boosted benefits. Or, add your favorite protein powder to your oatmeal or sneak it into your baked goods. Here’s my oatmeal blob recipe which has a scoop of protein powder in it which you can’t even taste – it’s so delicious!

Have protein-rich snacks on hand

I don’t leave the house without some kind of snack in my bag – nobody wants to see me hangry! I’ll either grab a protein bar or some kind of nut (macadamia are my favorite!). If you work from home or just want some snacks on hand, I recommend having yogurt, your favorite nut butter, hummus, cheese, edamame, or turkey breast in the fridge. That way, it’s easy to grab when you’re in a pinch.

Look for ways to make simple swaps

Instead of your usual pasta, try a lentil pasta which has a lot more protein in it. Or, instead of your sourdough toast or white rice, go for a whole grain option. Whole grains are packed with nutrients like fiber, vitamins and minerals, complex carbohydrates, and protein! If you’re making a salad for lunch, top it with some nuts, seeds or beans. If you look for ways to make simple swaps, then it will feel like you aren’t even trying.