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Low Carb Crepes

You know I love my carbs but this (video here) is a great lower carb hack if youโ€™re craving something sweet. These crepes literally live rent free in my head… you can make any variation of sweet or savory that you like! What would you put in yours?


+ Coconut wrap
+ Coconut oil or ghee
+ Nutella (I used Lakanto) or whatever spread you like
+ Banana or whatever fruit you want


1. Add coconut oil or ghee to a skillet and heat your coconut wrap.

2. Spread with Nutella or whatever spread you choose to half of the wrap.

3. Add sliced banana and fold the crepe in half, and then half again.

4. Top with cinnamon sugar.

5. You could also make savory ones and add whatever you like to it. Enjoy!