Manifestation Practices You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

If you missed my recent TBF episode with Roxie Nafousi, self-development coach and best-selling author of the book Manifest, then you should definitely give it a listen. I learned so much about manifestation and how it changed her life; the law of attraction; relationships and overcoming rejection; gratitude and how it allows you operate on a higher vibrational frequency. We also covered some manifestation myths and so much more. Since manifestation is such a buzzword these days, I wanted to share a few things I learned about what exactly it is, and what it isn’t.

First of all, when most people think of manifestation they often think it’s some kind of vudu way of asking the universe for what they want and having it magically and instantly drop into their lap. The truth is, manifestation is ability to use the power of your mind to change and create the reality you experience. It’s a self-development practice because at its core, it’s about healing your limiting beliefs and knowing you’re worthy of the very things you desire. Most people aren’t willing to admit what they truly want because they feel it’s too far out of reach or that they’re somehow unworthy of having it.

However, there’s more to manifesting that just visualizing what you want and expecting it to happen. Itโ€™s about intentionally spending your energy, time, and behavior to align with what you want, rather than letting negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and bad habits get in your way. So, here are a few ways you can incorporate manifestation into your daily life:

1. Meditate
2. Start a journaling practice
3. Practice gratitude
4. Replace negative thoughts
5. Repeat affirmations
6. Visualize what you want
7. Let go of the past & anything that no longer serves you
8. Take small daily actions

For more manifestation tips, check out the full episode with Roxie here.