Manifesting Your Goals, Overcoming Adversity to Create Your Purpose, and the Power of Community & Relationships with Durana Elmi

Durana Elmi is the COO and Co-Founder of Cymbiotika, a company whose mission is to empower people to take ownership of their health and live with intention, one healthy habit at a time. A graduate of UCLA, Durana was instrumental to Cybiotika’s rapid growth from $1 million dollars in 2019 to ​​over $250 million in net sales today. Durana’s experience growing up in a traditional Afghan household and immigrating to the US at a young age inspired her to achieve beyond the confines of her cultural norms and upbringing, and she credits her mother and grandmother as some of her biggest inspirations. As a result of her experience, Durana developed a passion for service and empowering communities of women that inspire them to create opportunities and achieve their goals in business and beyond. She joins the show to discuss how to make a healthy relationship work, what to look for in a partner, authenticity, finding your purpose, prioritizing self-care things that make you feel good, manifesting, how to create a successful business in a crowded sector & tips for other entrepreneurs, her early cultural boundaries and father’s alcoholism, why your 40’s are the new 20’s, the power of female community, and so much more.

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