Melissa Wood-Tepperberg – Breaking Up With Bad Habits + Stepping Into A Life You Love

In this episode I talk to Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, founder of Melissa Wood Health, about how she went from drinking, disordered eating and stuffing emotions—to a life of peace, intuition, intention and fulfillment. We get into what it was like moving to NYC to become a model and the lifestyle that accompanied that; how she reached a breaking point and made a commitment to herself to be better; how she quit HIIT exercise and began to practice yoga and pilates; how to commit to a meditation practice and how it changed her; the importance of being accountable for our emotions; showing up for life and so much more! We also do a listener Q+A at the end where we both answer questions from the audience. for 15% off your order! with code BLONDE to get your first month for $9.99

Produced by Dear Media