My Easy Happiness Hacks

While I believe happiness is a state of mind and can only truly be found within, there are certain things I like to do that are instant mood boosters. It’s a choice to be happy and mindset is everything, but that’s not to say that our environment can’t affect our mood. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can take an ordinary Tuesday to a ‘feeling my best self’ kind of a day. Whether I’m feeling tired, anxious or lacking inspiration, here are some easy happiness hacks that I swear by.

+ Light a candle (stop saving the bougie ones for a special occasion)!

+ Take a bubble bath

+ Go for a walk – here’s why I swear by my daily walks

+ Listen to relaxing music (love a good jazz or bosa nova playlist)

+ Take a break from social media – just trust me!

+ Get outside – some sunshine and vitamin D never hurt anyone

+ Treat yourself – my smoothies give me life and instantly put me in a good mood. Whatever it is for you – a latte or matcha – treat yourself to something you love!

+ Call a friend and catch up – or better yet, meet them for coffee or a workout class

+ Meditate – here are some benefits backed by science

+ Make a list of things you’re grateful for

+ Give yourself a facial or do part of your self-care routine

+ Spend time with your pet – Harvey always puts me in a good mood!

+ Read – here’s my list of book recommendations

+ Journal

+ Do something creative like cooking or making a mood board

+ Organize something or declutter – something small like your desk or a drawer

+ Have sex!