My Self-Tanning Routine

I get asked all the time how I stay looking tan, even during the winter months. Spoiler alert – I don’t! In fact, I’ve really simplified my self-tanning routine lately. To be honest, I just don’t have the time or energy to deal with self-tanners all the time. To me, they’re just so time consuming and not really worth the effort (imo) especially as they start to wear off. The splotchiness is just so annoying, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet and share how I actually stay looking tan when I want to.

Spray Tan

For big events or trips that I’m going on, I’ll just get a spray tan. That way my tan is even, I don’t have to worry about my back or those hard to reach places, and I don’t have to fuss with making sure everything is rubbed in. So much easier and well worth it for me.


Whether my spray tan is wearing off or I need to look like a tan goddess in a pinch, I’ll use body bronzers. Fair warning, they are NOT for the beach or pool because they wash off, but they’re perfect for when I want a temporary tan and don’t want to deal with a whole spray tan situation! I use the Bali Body instant tan spray and then layer the St.Tropez instant body lotion on top. It gives you the most beautiful tan and you look like a bronze goddess. Plus, if you let is sit after applying, it won’t transfer to your clothes.

Tips & Tricks

I like to use a tanning mitt (I love this set because it comes with a back applicator) to apply my bronzers. It makes less of a mess, you don’t have to wash your hands afterwards, and everything just applies better. I also really love this kabuki brush for my wrists, ankles and neck area. It gives you that airbrush finish and helps everything blend in.