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The Ultimate Skincare Lineup

My skin basically erupted with acne (which I very rarely get), clogged pores and hyperpigmentation upon my arrival to NYC. I know this happens when we change climates or cities, but it was an unwelcome development nonetheless. I’ve been using the same products for over a year now and figured it was time for a change anyway (my skin tends to stop responding to products as if it adapts); so I went over to Rescue Spa where there are experts aplenty and Biologique Recherche flows like water.

Sooo about that P50

I stared using cult favorite P50 1970 a few months ago (see my nighttime routine here) and I will say my pores shrank and my skin looked like glass in the mornings. But then the purging started and I gave up. The combination of AHA, BHA, and phenol (yep – controversial) brings everything that you didn’t know was lurking below to the surface and I just didn’t have the patience to go through that. With all the breaking out though, I felt ready to put myself at the mercy of a pro and have her tell me what my skin needs. Here’s the breakdown: 


This is a milky cleanser that protects the skin’s natural moisture levels and is great for sensitive skin. It is also a great makeup remover.

P50 1970

Aka the “miracle product.” This balancing toner resolves pretty much every skin issue from enlarged, clogged pores to fine lines to pigmentation. It smells like hot garbage but you get used to it, and from every single account I have seen and heard it is worth it.


Yes you read that correctly. This was “prescribed” to me for red spots, scarring and pigmentation. It also helps calm breakouts, lighten dark circles and improve skin elacticity. It comes with a warning “Serum Placenta smells like the active ingredients” which is, um, placenta. So there’s that downside. 


This is the T-Zone perfector. Helps instantly improve larger pores.  Helps healing, post acne scarring, and breakouts. Basically it’s a balancing serum that regulates sebum secretion and tightens the pores.


This is the “SOS serum” for problem skin that creates a luminous appearance, moisturizing the outer layers and preparing skin for more intense treatment. It is described as soothing and regenerating. 


I was really loving this moisturizer until I just read about it and now I’m offended. It is touted as the perfect moisturizer for women going through menopause which I am (hopefully) many years away from. That said, it is apparently “ideal” for imbalances caused by…ahem…aging and hormones which I suppose I am dealing with. The hormone part that is. 


According to the founder of Rescue Spa, “If you do Masque Vivant at least twice a week you’ll never age. This unique mask contains live yeast extracts which are packed with amino acids and famously nourishing Vitamin B.  There is no product like it to keep your skin purified, revitalized and bright.  In my 20 years of experience with it, I have seen it drastically improve many peoples complexions.” Enough said!

Keep in mind these were recommended to me after a facial and consult with a professional, and your skin might be completely different! That said, P50 has long been a favorite among beauty pros and us normal folk alike so I think you can’t go wrong there. These products are expensive so I think if you were to purchase one, that would be it. I will update you with photos and a YouTube video ASAP! xo