Nutrition Science, The Dark Side of Wellness and How to Navigate the B.S with Dr. Kevin C. Klatt, PhD, RD

In this episode I’m talking to Kevin C. Klatt, PhD, RD, a registered dietitian and postdoctoral fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine. We discuss nutrition science, research and the dark side of wellness that is oftentimes overlooked. Dr. Klatt explains how those of us without scientific backgrounds can navigate all of the information out there and discern what is legitimate and what is not, and we explore why so many turn to food as a “cause and a cure.” We also discuss the most egregious claims he has seen on the internet; how to become your own researcher; tips for eating to reduce risk of chronic disease; why we tend to make causal links between what we eat and how we feel, and so much more.

Dr. Klatt received his PhD in Molecular Nutrition from Cornell University and completed his dietetic internship at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. He is the Inaugural Dennis M. Bier Young Career Editor at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and is an active member of the executive committee of the Research Dietetics Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. for 20% off your first order. for your extended 30 day free trial. with code BLONDE10 at checkout for an additional 10% off your purchase. for 15% off your first one-time purchase or 20% off your first subscription plus free shipping.

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