On Cosmetic Procedures

I recently posted about getting lip injections on Instagram and, well, let’s just say there are OPINIONS when it comes to cosmetic enhancements and alterations. I don’t want to drag this subject out but I think it’s important to address. 

Everybody has a right to their opinions. We have a right to express said opinions. But we don’t have a right to tell others what to do with their bodies.

There seems to be a belief that if someone cares about their appearance and/or chooses to enhance themselves cosmetically, they lack intelligence, depth and individuality. The latter I can understand; we live in a time where there is an aesthetic (ahem…Kim Kardashian…cough Bella Hadid) that many women seem to be striving to emulate. But that doesn’t mean everyone who chooses to partake in enhancements strives to look like these women, or takes it to the extreme. And I’m going to say it again: intelligence, wisdom, originality, ambition, sophistication and vanity are not mutually exclusive.

It’s a tricky time because it is frowned upon to talk about cosmetic procedures because then we are promoting them and don’t we know there are young impressionable women paying attention? And how can someone be authentic when they’re changing something about themselves? But it is also frowned upon to hide it because then we aren’t being transparent. So where does that leave us? 

This brings me to something I have noticed. There have been a lot of movements (and advancements) towards loving and embracing everything about ourselves and placing our value beyond externals. This is AMAZING and needed. But it also feels at times like these movements do as much to shame and vilify those who choose to put time, money and effort into their appearance as naysayers who come right out and say it overtly. 

I guess my point is this. Our bodies, our choices. Less judgement. If we’re feeling triggered ask ourselves why. Stay in our own lane. We can do ALL THE THINGS and be people of substance. And if we’re triggered by this, ask ourselves why? Are cosmetic enhancements different than coloring hair? Or working out to shape our bodies? I’d love to hear your opinions! xo