ROB YANG – Gut Health, Hormones, Stress, Fasting, Food and How it’s All Connected

Rob Yang is BACK and we are getting into everything you want to know about the gut, hormones, stress, exercise, fasting and what the heck to eat. We talk about issues like SIBO, how hormones affect the gut and vice versa, how stress affects the gut and vice versa, sleep, elimination, exercise, skin problems, what to do if you think something is off, and how to navigate it all. This episode is JAM packed with information and tips to help you feel your best!

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About Robert Yang:

Robert Yang earned a postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  He is a certified nutritionist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  With over 2 decades of experience he has worked with an array of athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, X-Games, PGA & LPGA.  Robert is in high demand as a nutritionist and strength coach for professional athletes, golfers and celebrities. He specializes in resolving gut issues, hormonal imbalances and achieving optimal performance. His integrative programs are based on a thorough health history evaluation and use of laboratory testing to determine the individual needs of a client. 

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