Salted Caramel Vanilla Protein Packed Smoothie Bowl

Salted caramel vanilla protein packed smoothie bowl is a mouthful but seriously, this is so delicious and on heavy rotation here (especially post workout).

⁣I’m using Ancient Nutrition Plant Protein+ Vanilla which is protein powder with superfood power. It provides 15g easy to digest plant protein per serving – without relying on peas, rice or soy. It’s packed with superfood seeds (lots of fiber!!) and adaptogens and the flavor is smooth and sweet without using stevia, either!


2 frozen bananas (sub 1 cup frozen cauliflower if you want lower carb)⁣

1 cup milk (I used flax) ⁣

2 dates, pitted⁣

1 heaping scoop (I probably used about 2-3 tbsp) cashew or other nut butter ⁣

1 scoop Ancient Nutrition Plant Protein+ Vanilla ⁣

Pinch of sea salt ⁣


Blend everything (except salt); once it’s nice and creamy, transfer to bowl and sprinkle with a pinch of salt and any other toppings ⁣