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I love waking up to the sound of birds chirping and warm light.
This is my ride-or-die eye cream that I’ve been using for years. I swear by it!


This is amazing for hyperpigmentation and sun damage. USE CODE BLONDEFILES
These are incredible for bloat and I never travel without them. USE CODE ARIELLE15
This is the skincare system that I’ve been using lately and it completely changed my skin. It’s so worth the investment! USE CODE BLONDEFILES
I take this at night which helps me relax and fall asleep.
These are my absolute favorite leggings. Whether I’m walking or working out, I’m most likely wearing these.
I’m obsessed with this reading light! You can read at night without it interrupting your sleep.
This $20 visor is an absolute must! I wear it on all my walks for extra sun protection.