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One of my favorite coats that I wear season after season.
I layer this on top of the Bali Body spray tan.
I love this for an instant tan.
Gives your lips that juicy hydrated look.
This brow gel makes your brows look like they’re laminated.
This is an antioxidant and SPF in one. You can wear it on its own or under foundation.
This blush gives you the perfect pop of color. I have the shade big ego.
I have a thing for transparent shoes! These mesh ballet flats are so flattering and go with everything.
I’m so obsessed with these jeans I have multiple pairs and in every wash. They’re seriously the most flattering jeans ever!
These Bluetooth headphones are super comfortable, noise cancelling, and perfect for long wear.
This is perfect for all the wellness junkies out there. It organizes all your supplements and vitamins for traveling.
This mirror is perfect for travel. It’s slim and has three different settings for the perfect lighting.