Spring Cleaning: Wellness Edition

At the beginning of the year, we’re so focused on achieving our goals. We’re excited to start journaling, get back into a healthy routine, and tackle the year ahead – but come spring, it can be a different story. I’m no stranger to falling off the wagon, especially as momentum dies down which is why I like to check in with myself this time of year. If you’re feeling like you’ve lost your spark or have fallen into the same old routine, then here are some ways that I like to spring clean my mind. Not only is it the refresher that I need, but it helps remind myself why I started to begin with.

What I read

I’m an avid reader – check out my full reading list here – but I always try to add in some non-fiction or books that inspire growth into the mix as well. They provide me with ideas for the podcast and help me grow as a person. If one of your goals this year is to read more, here’s your reminder to pick up a book instead of your phone.

What I watch

I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I can’t resist a juicy show here and there. However, I try to limit it because it’s not healthy to binge an entire season in one night – we’ve all been there, right? Anyway, be mindful of what you’re consuming. Are you watching too much news, too many TikTok videos (be honest), or too much reality TV? Try cutting back if it’s not making you feel your best or is taking up time that could be spent elsewhere.

What I listen to

There are so many podcasts out there – some more unsettling than others. Maybe it’s time to replace the murder mystery podcast with something a little more uplifting? Or, swap it out with some relaxing music. I love playing jazz or bossa nova music in the background while I’m working. It makes me feel so much better and is an instant mood booster.

Who I follow

When I’m in the zone, I like to put blinders on and just focus on myself and what I’m doing. I don’t like to get distracted by what others are doing which ends up being a comparison game. So, I’ll mute people on Instagram. Even if I love their content, I’d just prefer to do my own thing. So, if you’re following anybody who triggers you or doesn’t make you feel your best, then mute or unfollow!

What I eat

Okay, this one is a given, but I just feel my better when I’m eating a balanced, nutritious diet. I try to cook more than I eat out but that can be tough, especially the busier I get. So, I like to have healthy snacks on hand and try to choose healthier options when eating out. The key is moderation but if you’ve gotten off track with healthy eating, clean out the junk in your pantry or fridge and start fresh. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate!

Remember, it’s all about progress not perfection. None of us is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on our goals. You got dreams to chase, not people to impress!