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Sunday Reset – How I Get Plump Juicy Skin

If you don’t already know by now, I’m a huge skincare junkie! To me, taking good care of your skin is the best thing (aside from a healthy lifestyle) you can do to prevent aging. There’s no amount of procedures or Botox that can make your skin look the way a solid skincare routine does. That being said, I’ve tried a lot of different products, especially after experiencing adult acne for the first time in my life last year. So, if you want to know what I do on Sunday evenings to get plump juicy skin and set myself up for the week ahead, keep reading…

Skin Polishing Routine

In case you missed it, I recently shared my skin polishing routine on TikTok but here it is step by step. This basically exfoliates and hydrates my skin for that juicy plump look. It might seem a little excessive, but I like to think of it as a little spa treatment I can give myself. Sometimes I’ll even take a hot bath, play some music, light a candle and really make a thing of it.

STEP 1: Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask – This uses papaya enzymes to really exfoliate and polish the skin

STEP 2: iS Clinical Cleansing Complex – Normally I do a glycolic cleanser but because I already exfoliated I want to be gentle on my skin.

STEP 3: DMK Melanotech Drops – I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about these before but they’re great for pigmentation.

STEP 4: Jan Marini Vitamin C Serum – I add this to my skin while it’s already wet and take it down the chest.

STEP 5: iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum – I like to use this for any redness.

STEP 6: Jan Marini Hyaluronic Acid Serum – So great for hydration.

STEP 6: Jan Marini Age Intervention Duality – This has both acids and retinol which are both great for fine lines and wrinkles.

STEP 7: Jan Marini Transformation Cream – I love how hydrating this cream is! It feels so good on my skin.

What do you do on Sunday to reset?