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The At-Home Workouts I’m Into

My body has been craving extra movement in quarantine, so I’ve been working out more than usual since I haven’t been wasting my days in LA traffic. I’ve incorporated gentle movements into my daily routine, like walks and Pilates – and I’ll occasionally do a high-intensity workout or 7-14 minutes of BBG if I have the energy. In the mornings, I try to get quiet and tune into my body, see how I feel and go off of that. Sometimes I have a ton of energy I want to burn off and other times I need to do something slow. When it comes to working out, I always make sure to listen to my body and do only what feels good (on top of my daily walk!).

My screen time in quarantine has been at an all-time high – but it’s not all mindless scrolling! The good thing about quarantine is that everything is online now. I’ve been able to find some great IG accounts with easy-to-follow workouts that I’ve been loving. Here are the at-home workouts I’m into right now.


Melissa Wood Health

Melissa has the best low-impact workouts! Her MWH Method helps sculpt and tone your body using precise, low-impact movements. She has a 7-day trial where you can get one new workout every Monday morning and access to over 100 workouts, treadmill series and guided meditations. 

BTW, if you haven’t heard her podcast episode, do yourself a favor and listen now. She’s incredible.

Bea Quintero

Bea is a Pilates instructor, and she posts simple pilates-inspired workouts to her IG – from full-body workouts to arms and abs series (like this one!). All you need is a yoga mat, hand weights, resistance bands and a chair.

Rebecca Beckler 

Rebecca is a Pilates instructor and certified personal trainer. She created the Pilates Suspension Method, which combines traditional and contemporary mat Pilates and equipment-based Pilates exercises – but you do them on a suspension trainer. You can find foundation, intermediate and advanced PSM courses on her website or follow her traditional Pilates workouts on her IG. 

Danielle Acoff 

Danielle is a registered yoga teacher with a great mix of yoga content and low-impact workouts. I love this quick full-body burnout and her mat drills (like this one!).


Kelsey Wells on the SWEAT app

As I mentioned, if I have the energy, I’ll do something more intense. While I’m definitely not BBG obsessed like I used to be, it’s undoubtedly a workout that will kick your ass. I always enjoy Kelsey’s workouts (until I can’t walk after…which sometimes feels nice!).

Rachael DeVaux 

If you’re looking for higher intensity workouts, Rachael posts the best easy-to-follow workouts. She has an endless list of videos you can choose from – from 45-minute full-body workouts to shorter workouts that target specific areas (like this back workout!). She’s also just such cool, fun energy and her recipes are to-die-for.

What have been your favorite at-home workouts in quarantine? I’d love to try them!