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The Basics of Skin Cycling

Skin cycling has been a hot topic lately. In case you missed my recent TBF episode with Dr. Whitney Bowe, she explains exactly what skin cycling is and why it’s beneficial for the overall health of your skin (among other things). She even goes as far as saying skin cycling can help you ‘turn back the clock’ when it comes to sun damage, hyperpigmentation, photoaging and more. So, I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly skin cycling is so you can incorporate it into your daily routine asap. So, I’m breaking it all down for you…

Skin cycling is essentially a four day cycle where you use specific products on different nights throughout the week. It allows your skin to get the most out of your evening skincare routine. Doing the same routine every day/night doesn’t allow your skin to recover so you need to cycle through the active ingredients so they don’t disrupt your skin’s natural barrier and microbiome.

Night 1: Exfoliation
Night 2: Retinoid
Night 3: Recovery (no irritating acids or retinoids)
Night 4: Recovery (no irritating acids or retinoids)

On recovery nights, your focus should be on intensely nourishing and hydrating ingredients that are going to rebalance the skin microbiome and repair the skin barrier. However, your morning routine should stay the same. A gentle cleanser followed by a vitamin c serum, moisturizer, and spf is all you need in the morning.

If you love all things skincare, then you have to listen to this TBF episode with Dr. Whitney Bowe. We caht about having a holistic approach to skincare which we talk all about; the gut-mind-skin connection; why what we’re putting into our bodies is as important as what we’re putting onto our skin; and how to rethink getting good skin; the differences between products vs. procedures, and what skincare ingredients to look for. Whether you’re looking for better skin or a healthier overall system, this episode is fascinating!